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If your Outlook is taking too much time to come in the action after you have started it or if you are getting the mailbox full message, then it is the time to reduce the size of your Outlook Data File (.pst file).

In this article, we will take you through several ways using which you can reduce the size of an Outlook Data File (.pst). Let’s see those ways. Learn more

MS Outlook is one of the most user-friendly email client which is used by many small and large organizations for email communication. It lets user to save and manage Outlook mailboxes such as emails, contacts, drafts, notes, attachments, appointments, lists, tasks, journals, calendars, etc. along with all email properties (To, CC, BCC, From, Time, Date, and Subject) in a file having .pst extension which is commonly known as a personal storage table. Learn more

People are widely using Microsoft Outlook as it is very easy to use and manage. Also, it acts as a personal manager that manages events, appointments, contacts and more. But sometimes they face a lot of problems and performance issues in Outlook. These problems can be like: Learn more

As an Outlook user, you may have encountered with the error message – “The file xxxx.pst cannot be found.” You may have ignored the message and created a new PST file only to see that all your mailbox data is missing. Then only you realize that it is a complex issue. Learn more

The only way to get rid of PST-related issues is to STOP using it – This is what most users seek as a perfectly permanent solution. But sincerely suggesting instead of avoiding the PST file format, just look for the effective solution which is the correct remedy of the issue. However, before landing to the correct and the most recommended solution, let the best reasons of NOT using PST be known from user’s perspective. Learn more

A broken PST file denotes inconsistency in the PST root files due to which MS Outlook does not recognize its format. When an Outlook user accesses such a PST file, an error message appears as:

  • “Errors have been detected in the file C:\\filename.pst.”

Learn more

The evolution of MS Outlook email technology has bridged the communication barriers amongst employees in small to large enterprises. However, with the usage of email communication and other collaborative services, companies are more vigilant over the issues of data backup facility, security compliances, and enhanced server performance.

As all the Outlook user accounts are stored on Exchange Server, various System Admins has initiated the practice of creating Outlook email backups in the form of PST and OST files. These Personal Storage Table or PST files are specifically store all email items from Exchange Server into the local computers. The provision of PST file in MS Outlook has also enhanced the Server performances as the PST file removes an extra burden of user email items from these Exchange Server. Learn more

MS Outlook users generate PST files to keep their backup files. PST file are portable in nature so, they can be carried in any external hard disk or any device. These files can be secured by locking them with a unique password to protect sensitive data. Moreover, there are several advantages as these files are generally considered as hazardous files, as they easily get damaged even upon slight exposure to corrupted elements. There are several reasons behind PST file corruption such as: Learn more

It’s quite consistent that Outlook users are left in disgust when they witness nasty error messages on their computer screen. This happens at the time of launching email client MS Outlook, it becomes quite a hassle to access email messages and other data. In the worst condition, entire PST data can be declared as damaged or corrupt.

We are aware that Outlook PST data is a pre-requisite for any user and it stores entire user email and other data. Each time Outlook PST faces damage situation users are bound to get their important content in a corrupted state, to overcome the data loss it is necessary to choose a viable recovery solution. Learn more

Sometimes it so happens that when you start your Outlook, you are unable to open your mail folder and you get to face certain error messages.

In such a scenario, you may use the Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to repair the damaged and corrupt Outlook PST files.

However, in case the Inbox Repair utility i.e. the Scanpst.exe is unable to resolve the error, you may use a professional and efficient Outlook repair PST tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Outlook PST files.

Let’s consider a real life practical scenario wherein when you try to start Outlook, you are unable to open your mailbox and the following error message appears: Learn more